How to Delete Your Save Games in Cities Skylines

I guess you looking at my article because you’re as confused as I was when I tried to delete my save games in Cities Skylines. In this small guide I will tell you where you can delete your Cities Skylines save games. Let’s take a look…

You probably clicked on “Load Game” where your save games are listed but you wonder why there isn’t a “Delete” button. Well, to make it short, you are right there is no button to delete save games. It’s a bit confusing but the trick is to go back to the main menu. And there you will need to click on content manager. On the left side you will see different categories where you click on “savegames”. Now you see a whole list where you can, if you want, individually delete save games by clicking on the “X” next to them…

cities skylines content manager

That was easy, huh? And yes, I do absolutely agree, they should also make it possible in the “Load Game” section. But well, it’s also working in the content manager, it’s just a detour in my opinion. Of course, since the save games are stores on your hard drive, you could also delete them from the disk, which would be another way to do it. I hope this small guide helped you. Happy city building!


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