Reinfeld and Herrenteich

Reinfeld and Herrenteich

I still have so many photos of the time when I’ve been in Reinfeld, that I will probably take some years until I uploaded all photos. Above you can see a photo of this place and the pond called “Herrenteich”. But the same counts for the city Lübeck, the place where I live. I don’t think that I ever will be able to upload the whole backlog, but on the other side it’s great to have a massive library, where you can look for photos that you want to share today. It’s also great for photography breaks, because you will also be able to share something if you didn’t take much new photos recently. That was for example the case this summer when I was much more interested to go jogging, and after the sport I usually didn’t have the energy to go hiking and take more photos. That’s where my own library is really handy. It’s also a great way to value the shots you took months or years ago.

3 thoughts on “Reinfeld and Herrenteich

    1. That’s what I liked too. In the morning the water was usually pretty calm and the water surface was usually foggy… totally liked that with the reflections.

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