That’s me, the reflection…

Here is a photo that I shot a couple of days before Christmas in 2015. At that time I was in Reinfeld, a small town close to Lübeck. I was walking through the streets of this town and found a christmas tree ball on a fence post at someones front yard. I shot that photo with my 18-105mm kit lens but when I saw the picture on my computer, I noticed myself in the reflection and was unhappy about that. Three years later I like that picture. It’s funny. As someone who likes to maintain a certain degree of anonymity, this is also a great picture to show you (laugh), because I am at least partly anonym in the picture due to the camera in front of my face.

4 thoughts on “That’s me, the reflection…

    1. I shot so many photos of christmas balls, I somehow can’t get around them with a camera because I like these reflections or also if they are glitter balls. But it is really difficult to get the shot without being in the reflection as well 😀 I tried that one year in a mall and there was a huge christmas tree that I wanted to photograph… not that easy to find a working angle. Probably would work with a tele lens but not with smaller lenses. 🙂

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