Merry Christmas

I wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope you had a good time together with your loved ones. As advised, we’ve come together in a very small family circle this year. It was quite, but nonetheless beautiful. This year was for all of us strange, we don’t need to mention why as everyone experienced it. But apart from that, there were a lot of unrelated new things going on in my personal life. So much that I couldn’t find the time or energy to talk about it on my blog. Some of the things have been stressful, but then … Continue reading Merry Christmas

I Wish You A Happy Holiday Season

I just want to wish you a happy holiday season. I will make it short this year. I will take a break because some fine mechanical parts below my keyboard’s space bar broke and I couldn’t repair it. If I can trust the Amazon status report, my new keyboard won’t arrive before 5th January. You know what that means, you won’t hear from me before that delivery arrived unless I create small posts with my tablet, but that’s unlikely because I’d rather write with a broken space bar. Which by the way happened with this post. If I hit it … Continue reading I Wish You A Happy Holiday Season

That’s me, the reflection…

Here is a photo that I shot a couple of days before Christmas in 2015. At that time I was in Reinfeld, a small town close to Lübeck. I was walking through the streets of this town and found a christmas tree ball on a fence post at someones front yard. I shot that photo with my 18-105mm kit lens but when I saw the picture on my computer, I noticed myself in the reflection and was unhappy about that. Three years later I like that picture. It’s funny. As someone who likes to maintain a certain degree of anonymity, … Continue reading That’s me, the reflection…


Every winter or before Christmas I buy a bag of Mutzen sometimes, and they are tasty small biscuits. I am not a great cook and I can’t give you an exact recipe but as far as I know they are made of flour, eggs and sugar. The pastry is put into hot oil and the result are those cute and tasty looking pastry balls. Mutzen are a Rhenish recipe as I have read, and it was a traditional biscuit for carnival and new year’s eve. But that just seems to be the history of it, but today you will probably … Continue reading Mutzen