I Wish You A Happy Holiday Season

christmas market

I just want to wish you a happy holiday season. I will make it short this year. I will take a break because some fine mechanical parts below my keyboard’s space bar broke and I couldn’t repair it. If I can trust the Amazon status report, my new keyboard won’t arrive before 5th January.

You know what that means, you won’t hear from me before that delivery arrived unless I create small posts with my tablet, but that’s unlikely because I’d rather write with a broken space bar. Which by the way happened with this post. If I hit it somewhere in the middle I can make spaces. Awesome! But not so funny because it’s very tedious!

I wish you and your loved ones a very good holiday season. See ya soon!

10 thoughts on “I Wish You A Happy Holiday Season

    1. That’s true Vanda. But I got a notification that they did send out my package today. I hopefully get it Thursday or Friday. While I can write small sentences with my broken space key, it’s so tedious that it feels like someone chopped off my thumbs. I guess that’s a good sign that writing has become a habit and that it is difficult without. 🙂 Merry Christmas Vanda!

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