How To Disable The HUD In Counter Strike Global Offensive

CSGO Screenshot without UI


Let’s be honest, screenshots are cool. That’s also the case when we talk about CS:GO. But the biggest issue is the HUD (Heads-Up Display) or UI (User Interface). To take better screenshot we need to disable the UI. Same goes for those who want to record videos. And that’s what this short article will be about. You will learn how to disable the HUD in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. But please note that this will only work in an offline match or if you are server admin, but I assume you won’t take your videos or screenshots in multiplayer anyways. So, let’s go!

How to Disable The UI in CS:GO

  1. Go into an offline game and open the console.
  2. Write cl_drawhud 0 into the console (you can enable the HUD again with cl_drawhud 1 later on).
  3. Done!

Last Words

If you think this short tutorial about CS:GO was helpful, you can help me too by sharing it within your circles. If you think that you can add information’s that might be helpful for others, you can also drop a comment below if you like. Have fun taking screenshots or videos!

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