Reinfeld during Winter

Reinfeld in Winter

Here is a photo that I shot during a Winter in Reinfeld. It’s not the entire town but some houses near the Herrenteich pond, which is frozen and full of snow in the picture. I’ve taken a similar photo when the pond was not frozen but it’s not the same view. I hope you liked the winter picture. I wasn’t too happy with it at first but when I boosted the white colors and after cropping it a little bit better, I thought it looked fantastic. What do you think about the photo?

7 thoughts on “Reinfeld during Winter

    1. Thank you 🙂 I wondered about this too, why I started to like the photo even if it was just a random shot. I think, when I found it in my library, it might have been the straight line of the frozen white pond that I found interesting… it makes the image look minimalist and not too crowded. It divides the image well, like one half with the subject, the town, and the other half just white space.

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