Reinfeld during Winter

Here is a photo that I shot during a Winter in Reinfeld. It’s not the entire town but some houses near the Herrenteich pond, which is frozen and full of snow in the picture. I’ve taken a similar photo when the pond was not frozen but it’s not the same view. I hope you liked the winter picture. I wasn’t too happy with it at first but when I boosted the white colors and after cropping it a little bit better, I thought it looked fantastic. What do you think about the photo? Continue reading Reinfeld during Winter

Minimalist Scene

This photo was shot when I was in Reinfeld. The fields of rape looked gorgeous in full flower. There was also a lot of deer. There have been moments where I didn’t trust my eyes because the head of a dear popped out of the field. But usually, I wasn’t fast enough to take the photo. But these moments were beautiful nonetheless and I really needed those moments because beside them, the reason why I was there was pretty sad as my uncle got terminal ill at that time and died later. I wouldn’t have been a help if I … Continue reading Minimalist Scene


They are going to close all community facilities in our city Lübeck but I’ve heard it’s the same for many other cities in Germany. From Monday, March 16 to approximately April 19, all schools, administrative bodies, museums, archives, adult education centers, swimming pools, youth leisure facilities, neighborhood offices, and gymnasiums will be closed in Lübeck according to HL-Live. Apart from that, citizens aren’t allowed to visit their relatives in retirement homes anymore. These drastic measures are taken to ensure that Covid-19 can not further spread. The last official information from March 15 is that we have 9 confirmed cases in … Continue reading Shutdown

Brenner Moor

I shot the picture above in Bad Oldesloe, a town between Lübeck and Hamburg. I took the photo in an area called “Brenner Moor”. By the way, “Moor” means “swamp” in English. The area is a nature reserve and as the name implies, it’s a swampy area, a salt marsh to be more exact. In this case that means salt that comes from 500 meters below is reaching the surface. In some spots there is a salinity equally high as the salinity in the North Sea. This means the area attracted plants that would otherwise only grow in coastal areas. … Continue reading Brenner Moor

Reinfeld and Herrenteich

I still have so many photos of the time when I’ve been in Reinfeld, that I will probably take some years until I uploaded all photos. Above you can see a photo of this place and the pond called “Herrenteich”. But the same counts for the city Lübeck, the place where I live. I don’t think that I ever will be able to upload the whole backlog, but on the other side it’s great to have a massive library, where you can look for photos that you want to share today. It’s also great for photography breaks, because you will … Continue reading Reinfeld and Herrenteich