Brenner Moor

Bad Oldesloe - Brennermoor

I shot the picture above in Bad Oldesloe, a town between Lübeck and Hamburg. I took the photo in an area called “Brenner Moor”. By the way, “Moor” means “swamp” in English. The area is a nature reserve and as the name implies, it’s a swampy area, a salt marsh to be more exact. In this case that means salt that comes from 500 meters below is reaching the surface. In some spots there is a salinity equally high as the salinity in the North Sea. This means the area attracted plants that would otherwise only grow in coastal areas. But there are also spots with minor salinity, which is where reed beds are growing as in the image I shot. And these reed beds attracts all kind of different birds. That was also the reason why I hiked through that area. I could take pictures of great white egrets, and I saw a river kingfisher but it happened so fast that I didn’t manage it to take a picture. It’s also possible to see eagles in this area, and many rare smaller birds.

By the way, the Trave River I often talked about in my Lübeck posts is flowing through the marsh and Bad Oldesloe as well. What is very interesting to know about the “Brenner Moor” is that they found a 5000 years old settlement in the marsh. They found and recovered over 10.000 things and discoveries are researched in the University of Kiel. Some of the discoveries are already shown in a museum in Bad Oldesloe. It was very interesting to walk through that area, and you can only do this because they built wooden piers like I have shown in a previous image, but that image was shot at another location, in Reinfeld. But I also have photos of the wooden piers in Bad Oldesloe, and I will upload them too in the future.

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