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Tag: reeds

Bad Oldesloe - Brennermoor

Brenner Moor

I shot the picture above in Bad Oldesloe, a town between Lübeck and Hamburg. I took the photo in an area called “Brenner Moor”. By the way, “Moor” means “swamp” […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

Above you can see a photo that I have chosen for the recent WordPress Photo Challenge. I took the photo during my hike through the Schellbruch, because there is a […]

About Good Dentists And Dental Fear

Today I was brushing my teeth and then I noticed something is wrong, it seems I damaged one of my fillings during the brushing. Back then I had a quite […]

Schellbruch Nature

Above is another nature photo that I shot at the Schellbruch in Lübeck. It’s quite beautiful there with all the water and reed, and the birds that I mentioned in […]