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About Good Dentists And Dental Fear


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Today I was brushing my teeth and then I noticed something is wrong, it seems I damaged one of my fillings during the brushing. Back then I had a quite big dental fear, but since I had so many dentist appointments last year, it seems that I lost this fear completely. I lost this fear already last year, but it seems the fear never came back. Today I visited one of my dentists again, because as said, one of my fillings broke today, and he repaired the tooth with a new nice looking plastic filling.

I have two dentists, I usually ask them both for an appointment, and I visit whoever can help me first. My dental fear was most likely caused because it took me quite a long time to find a very good dentist, but since the last year I know two good ones, and I trust them, which is why my fear might have disappeared. It’s so much less problematic if you trust your dentist, even if you have a problem with your tooth, you can fix it right away to not get further problems over time. I was sad when one of my fillings broke today, but then I was happy that I could get it fixed just an hour later. It’s really cool if you are not afraid of something anymore.


  1. I don’t like to go to the dentist either. Good for you, that you overcome the fear. Unfortunately i can tell you that new anxiety appear, when you’re getting older. 😉

    • My recent dentist is talking to me during the surgery, he asks me if he should explain what he is doing or if he should talk about something else, but I noticed in both cases I pay more attention to what he tells me rather than paying attention to what is happening in my mouth. Also he plays rock music (laugh).. I wouldn’t say that this is the best choice, but for a hobby guitarist like me, it definitely is (laugh).

        • Haha, yeah, even more if the assistant forgets the saliva and blood in your mouth… and you’re thinking “Can someone just?…. Isn’t there enough fluids in my mouth?”. That happened with my previous dentists, and it was annoying and I wondered how the dentist could work with the lazy assistant 😀

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