Flag of Hamburg

A while ago I started photographing flags because I often see some on my ways. So, I created a tag for flag photos and I do now collect them on my blog too. At the top, you can see the flag with the coat of arms of Hamburg. The colors of Hamburg are white and red. The Hamburg coat of arms always shows a castle with three towers. The tower in the middle has a cross on top and it’s believed that it stems from the fact that Hamburg was an archbishopric. You can learn more about it on Wikipedia. Continue reading Flag of Hamburg

Route to Hamburg

Above is a photo that I shot in Reinfeld. These train tracks go from Lübeck over Reinfeld where I shot the photo, to Hamburg and so on. And nope, I didn’t put myself in danger. I was standing on a barely used country road and the railway gates were opened, which means there was no train to be expected. On top of that I was extra careful, because people can pass this point and I didn’t stay much longer than a pedestrian would do. I like photos with leading lines, that make your eyes wander to a certain point in … Continue reading Route to Hamburg

Today We Had A Heavy And Destructive Thunderstorm in Northern Germany

We had real heavy storm in Northern Germany today. I thought the storm was heavy in our federal state Schleswig-Holstein but then I saw the news about the neighboring federal state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, there was total destruction in some towns. We had more luck in Schleswig-Holstein, but it was very unusual and scary anyway. They said in the news that it was a tropical thunderstorm. I was sitting in my living room and watched out of the windows and wrote my mother a small message like “Do you see the clouds? Looks like the end of world”. She replied “Yea, pretty … Continue reading Today We Had A Heavy And Destructive Thunderstorm in Northern Germany

Old HSV Jersey with Player Signatures

Last days I did take a look in old cartons which I found in one of my cabinets but also some cartons in my basement. Then I walked down the memory lane as I found some old things of my youth. In the photo above you can see one of my discoveries. It´s a HSV (Hamburger SV) jersey with original signatures of some players from that time. My grandpa had business connections to a person who knew a worker of the soccer club in Hamburg. That was the way he got that jersey. I played in a youth soccer club … Continue reading Old HSV Jersey with Player Signatures

I took this Path today to shoot some new Photos of the Trave River

Last Week I did show you a Photo with some Ships on the Trave River in Lübeck. Yesterday I did decide to tramp to another Spot of the Trave River. And I took this Path here to take some more Photos… I am more a Fan of uploading just a few Photos in each Blogpost, theirfore I will show you the other Photos in the upcoming Blogposts next Days. I could make Tons of Photos near the Trave River and I tell you why I will maybe do so in the Future: It´s just so that there are a lot … Continue reading I took this Path today to shoot some new Photos of the Trave River