I took this Path today to shoot some new Photos of the Trave River

Last Week I did show you a Photo with some Ships on the Trave River in Lübeck. Yesterday I did decide to tramp to another Spot of the Trave River. And I took this Path here to take some more Photos…


I am more a Fan of uploading just a few Photos in each Blogpost, theirfore I will show you the other Photos in the upcoming Blogposts next Days. I could make Tons of Photos near the Trave River and I tell you why I will maybe do so in the Future: It´s just so that there are a lot of pretty nice Places everywhere near the River…


A Map of Lübeck in 1910
A Map of Lübeck in 1910

Lübeck is surrounded by the Trave River which flows to the Baltic Sea in North East of Lübeck. Even if I did show you a Map from 1910, you can see that the River flows completely around Lübeck and that was used as a System (You can click on the Image to enlarge). Maybe not in 1910 but in Medieval it was one Part of the Defence System in addition to the Rampart and Stone Walls and so on. Luckily you can still find Remains of that Time and I think I will show you more of our historical City and the Remains of Medieval someday for sure.

What I now want to tell you is that even if the Trave River flows around Lübeck, you will find Places where you dont see any House in the Background. Those calm Places where you can enjoy Nature and the River. I like both Places.. the River near the historical District but also the calm Places and Trails on the River you find. I show you more Photos soon. It depends where I do walk… there is a lot to see… City, Nature or both.

By the way… More southwards the Trave flows in the Elbe-Lübeck-Kanal which is the connection to the Elbe River which flows to Hamburg and theirfore to the North Sea. But also more southward through Germany. In fact the Elbe River flows from Czechia through Germany.

Elbe River
Elbe River

But I wanted to write about the Trave River in Lübeck and North Germany and wrote to much Details here even if I bet I could write more Details. But I just wanted to have a base Blogpost about the Trave River so that I can link upcoming Blogposts with Photos of the Trave River to that short Article here. I also simply wanted to tell you that you might see more Photos of the Trave River in the Future as I live there and that the River has differend fine Places you can shoot Photos. Photos of the Elbe-Lübeck-Kanal (Channel) or Elbe River would be possible too but dont expect them at least to often. The Trave River is not to far away.. but about the other Places, who knows. Sometimes I do visit Hamrburg and theirfore it´s not impossible that I show you Photos of the Elbe someday as well.

So stay tuned. 🙂


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