Harbor Area In Lübeck

Fun fact, I have 5200 images that I didn’t upload yet, because taking photos is much easier than preparing or uploading them. At times I should upload older ones. Above you can see a photo I shot in Lübeck near the harbor area. You can see the Trave River in the photo. This is one of the photos where I wondered how it would turn out, I shot the photo after I got my D7100. I believe I was drawn to the colours in the heaven and the reflections in the water. The photo was shot in the morning, during … Continue reading Harbor Area In Lübeck

Just One of Many Bridges In Lübeck

Above you can see one of many bridges of Lübeck and the Trave River that I mentioned quite often here on my blog. The image was pretty overexposed and I fixed this at least a little bit. I removed a lot of highlights but it didn´t make me happy so that I decided to add a black and white gradient map to get a slightly monochrome image. If nothing goes when we talk about overexposure, it´s sometimes a good idea to change the image to black and white. The overexposed areas are then less noticeable in my opinion or at … Continue reading Just One of Many Bridges In Lübeck

The Canoe Ready For A Tour

This is the borrowed canoe after we did put the boat into the water yesterday to start our canoe tour on the rivers in Salem and that was a lot of fun. The husband of my mother and me did use the canoe but my mother didn´t like to come with as she thought this boat would be quite unsteady but this is not true. I think a canoe is unsteady until you sit in and when the weight of all persons is in the middle. That´s all. But my mother was still afraid, so that only her husband and … Continue reading The Canoe Ready For A Tour

The Borrowed Canoe

The husband of my mother knows someone who owns a canoe and he got the offer to borrow that canoe for three weeks. We usually used a rubber raft when we wanted to have some fun on a river but it´s quite difficult to paddle with a rubber raft if you want to get ahead on the river. I think a rubber raft is only good if you have an outboard motor but then you can´t use it on all rivers due to the fact that most rivers are parts of a nature reserve and it is not allowed there, … Continue reading The Borrowed Canoe