Night Photography: Music and Congress Hall

The picture at the top was shot at Trave river and it shows our Music and Congress Hall (Musik und Kongress Halle Lübeck) which we also just call (MUK). As the name implies, it’s a building where conferences are held and often there are also concerts, parties and stuff like that. I had the camera on a tripod and it was a 30 seconds exposure at f/25 and ISO 800, as you can see with the milky river. The photo was shot with my 18-105mm kit lens at 35mm. Other You can also see some boats, they’re rarely used by … Continue reading Night Photography: Music and Congress Hall

Old Bridge

We have some really cool and old bridges in Lübeck, as the one in the picture above. You can also see the Trave channel in the picture. There are some really cool parks on the side and it’s fun to hike there during spring or summer. On the way you see both, nature but also manmade stuff like old bridges. And as you can see in the background, there are also restaurants where people hang out. The image above was quite foggy, but I removed it. It’s not really a special photo, but I also didn’t want to delete it … Continue reading Old Bridge