Lübeck Picture

Lübeck Picture

Here is a cityscape I shot a while ago. Of course, it is my hometown Lübeck. There is also the St. Mary’s church visible in the picture, as same as the Trave river. Some of the harbor buildings are now used for amusement, like the peninsular on the right side where people celebrate events, watch soccer or concerts.

10 thoughts on “Lübeck Picture

    1. Yes and on the right is another one too. There are three churches in the picture. From left to right…

      – Dom zu Lübeck

      – Marienkirche

      – St. Petri Kirche

        1. Yes. That’s also why people call our city “City of Seven Spires” (Stadt der 7 Türme). 🙂 Because the 7 big church towers are our cityscape and people say it’s beautiful. I am not religious but I love old architecture including churches.

        2. I think Lübeck would rather be something for a short trip because basically, it’s just our historic district that is special. That is not entirely true, because some surrounding places or nature reserves, some hidden gems, and the Baltic Sea beaches are cool too but still, the historic tourist attractions can be seen in a short time I think. But combined with a stay in Hamburg, Kiel, Ratzeburg… or maybe even Lüneburg, Schwerin or Rostock, it could be worth it. There are many other interesting places in Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg Vorpommern… so, combined holidays would be interesting I guess. And Berlin is also just 3 hours away by train or car.

          On the other side, I’ve heard from tourists that they came to our city to escape the pace of a metropole city life, they took their time and enjoyed the charm of our historic place. Here it isn’t boring like in a village but also not as stressful as in a larger city. It’s somewhere in between, which is what many people here, including myself, value. Sitting near the Tave River with gothic brick stone architecture at eyesight, enjoying the sunbeams in summer and talk with friends, I myself sometimes forget that I live in the modern age. Some places/corners in our city really give you that “I think I can slow down and enjoy the here and now” kind of feeling and you forget the stress of modern life.

          There was a time when I didn’t understand why all those tourists came here, but that’s just when you born at the place and still live there, the place isn’t special for you anymore. Only recently over the last decade, I learned to love my city again… especially with photography, because I opened my eyes again for the beauty in our city.

          But as I know how the surrounding cities are interesting too, I’d still suggest… if you ever come here, try to see it all.

        3. I have learned that the next time I visit Germany we will spend more time in small or medium sized towns and less time in big cities. I also enjoy visiting historical sites because each is unique. Beaches are the attraction where I live. They are all very beautiful but the problem is they are also the same. There is little difference between the beach near me to the beach in the next town or the next.

        4. Then our small cities would be the right choice I think. And I understand you.

          Good point with the beaches. On top of that, ours are unlikely to be as beautiful as beaches in Florida. The Baltic Sea is dark blue, sometimes just greyish… it’s often cloudy and windy here. Warm summers are an exception but otherwise, it rather looks melancholic at our beaches, which can be interesting too… I like that dark atmosphere but I still think Florida wins 🙂

          Yes, our beaches mostly look the same too. With some exceptions as our beautiful steep coast Brodtener Ufer, which is different from our other coast parts. But apart from that, yeah, beaches are beaches.

        5. I do like coastal towns. Old fishing villages can be very beautiful and interesting. That is why we planned our next vacation to visit the coastal towns of Maine and Nova Scotia.

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