Practicing Night Photography Without Tripod

Today I decided to practice night photography in the city, because I have trouble to take decent night photos without tripod. I could just take my tripod with me, but I still don’t have a decent bag for it, and anyway, I think it should be possible without a tripod in some situations. Today it rained, and the city is already decorated for christmas, I thought the reflections on the streets and all the christmas lights would make some interesting shots. To be honest, I shot around 60 photos, but I deleted most of them as I failed. Talking about … Continue reading Practicing Night Photography Without Tripod

Somewhere In Lübeck

Some days ago I went for a walk with my mother. We roamed near the inner-city of Lübeck. We took some photos with our phones. Above you can see one of the photos, we shot in the direction of the historic city where you see some churches of Lübeck. But the historic district starts behind the white houses and there is also the Trave River. I assume it is not cheap to live in one of the white buildings, because the view on the other side is amazing. It’s most likely a nice place to have an apartment. Continue reading Somewhere In Lübeck

Lübeck City Snapshot In The Morning

I didn’t upload any photo of my hometown Lübeck since some time but now I will show you a new one. This week I had to visit one of the authorities and I really dislike bureaucracy, but on the other side it’s good because I can use it to take a walk in the morning. On the photo above you can see the Trave River and behind the river you see the city view of the historic district. You can also see the St. Mary’s Church in the background, we call that one Marienkirche in German. As you can see, … Continue reading Lübeck City Snapshot In The Morning