Lübeck City Snapshot In The Morning

Lübeck Untertrave

I didn’t upload any photo of my hometown Lübeck since some time but now I will show you a new one. This week I had to visit one of the authorities and I really dislike bureaucracy, but on the other side it’s good because I can use it to take a walk in the morning.

On the photo above you can see the Trave River and behind the river you see the city view of the historic district. You can also see the St. Mary’s Church in the background, we call that one Marienkirche in German. As you can see, my smartphone camera had to fight with the darkness of the morning, I reduced the noise of the image with Lightroom, otherwise the photo would look even worse. So, the photo is more of a snapshot and shows just a very tiny part of the river and the city view.

As you can see, it is also still a little bit cold here. I’d say the winter came late, because the weather was more autumnal in December and January. It became colder this February, but even then it’s a complete joke compared to other winters and I wouldn’t call it a real North German winter.

I was usually someone who disliked the fear mongering of the media about the climate change, but sometimes I really get the impression that the climate change is indeed happening. I think I believe more in it since some time as the weather did change the last years and the start of the weather seasons moved strangely as well. It’s just strange if the January for example rather feels like an autumn month, and if you see ice and snow for the first time in February but with moderate winter temperatures. It’s as if the weather seasons moved months forward. It’s a little bit crazy in my opinion.

10 thoughts on “Lübeck City Snapshot In The Morning

  1. I absolutely believe in climate change Dennis. Our seasons all seem to have moved up about a month since I was a child. There is more extreme hot weather, bushfires happen earlier in the year, there are more extreme weather events of all types.
    Leaving that very controversial subject aside I do think you live in a lovely old town.

    1. Yep, this is why I started to change my mind too. We had for example extremely hot summers over the last years here in Germany, so hot that I could find posts on my blog were I complained about the too hot summers 😀 Untypical summers for Germany (especially for Northern Germany).

      Then they did reported about bigger tornados in Germany in the media at least twice a year that did lumber big paths through forests. My grandpa said there were reports about tornados in the past, but not that often, and also not tornados that can root our trees. Apart from that I saw my first two smaller whirlwinds with my own eyes, one of them was a little bigger and tried to become a tornado I think. We saw that one on the water of the baltic sea and it was somewhat creepy as it is so untypical and as we never saw that with our own eyes.

      Then I saw tennis ball big hail one day last year, thunderstorms are now even more like armageddon, seasons move up months as you said and so on. There are indeed some unusual extremes now. That all really makes me start to believe in climate change too.

      About the town… yes, there is some beauty especially in the historic district. Lots of buildings with history and I like the gothic architecture. Many people here start to forget how beautiful our towns architecture is, just because they see it everyday. I did that too, but with photography you can rediscover what is beatiful in your town 🙂

    1. The old inner district you see on the photo is very beautiful because there are a lot of buildings with history and gothic brick architecture. The outer districts are more modern and not so special. 🙂 But overall, it’s true, we have some fine places too 🙂

      1. I will share more photos, but at the moment I am very tired of my digital camera and smartphone. In darker seasons it is quite hard to take good photos, but summer comes soon and then there are better light conditions. Apart from that, who knows, maybe I have my first DSLR soon if the Nikon rumors I talked about in the other post come true 😀

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