St. Mary’s Church In Lübeck

St. Mary's Church Lübeck

Above you can see the St. Mary’s Church of Lübeck. I published other posts about this church in the past.

In February I posted a picture where you can see St. Mary’s Church from the other side. In 2013 I published a post with pictures of the St. Mary’s Church as well.

Some of you know that I am not really religious but I love architecture and our city has quite a lot of stunning churches in my opinion.

9 thoughts on “St. Mary’s Church In Lübeck

    1. Lübeck is an extremely old city and this is why we have quite a lot of building of the 12th century or later. But very old architecture and so interesting. Lots of people who live here do forget how beautiful our architecture is and how much history they carry, I did forget it too until I started to take pictures.

      I know Boston only from TV and photos, you have so much beautiful cities over there too. Often more modern but extremely stunning. I know a friend who had holidays in the states and they booked one of these trips that show you another city each day.

      He said while it was stress to go from city to city in such a short time, he enjoyed all the places and impressions. I enjoyed all his holiday photos too. I wish I can see the states some day as well, but I guess I would decide for one city and not for a hectic tour across the states. 😀 Anyway, you have so much good ones there that it would be a hard decision.

  1. The buildings seem to have personalities…the stiff glossy straight one showing you the way to the aged colorful brick and pointed hats of the cathedral – with those flying buttresses waving you towards them. Interesting photo

    1. I like that interpretation. 🙂 There is really some complexity if you take a closer look. Designing architecture like this one is today not really a problem anymore with 3d software and all modern tools… but what makes it amazing and stunning is the fact that this thing was created several centuries ago. I am always amazed what humans were able to create back then with pure math and mannpower, whether we talk about churches like this own, or even much older things like pyramids and what not. It’s fascinating anyhow.

  2. It is a wonderful comment on the old being masked by the new, I think.
    My husband and I were once in Hamburg, which we loved very much indeed. It was the furthest north we ever were in our life.
    But you live just that bit more northerly.

    1. Yes, in Lübeck you can really see how old and new architecture blends. Although I would prefer it if everything would look old 😀

      I am glad you liked it in Hamburg. This is very close to me as you noticed. It’s just 30 minutes with the car from Lübeck to Hamburg, depending on the traffic of course, it could also be 40 or 50 minutes when there is rush hour on the Autobahn. I’ve been very often to Hamburg but that just because it is really not that far away. 🙂

      1. We were there for only a few days, but we thought it was absolutely super ! (and it’s where we discovered bircher muesli …) 😀

      2. I thought Muesli would be known elsewhere too 😀 Did you only stay few days in Germany or only a few days in Hamburg to discover other German cities after it?

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