St. Mary’s Church In Lübeck

Above you can see the St. Mary’s Church of Lübeck. I published other posts about this church in the past. In February I posted a picture where you can see St. Mary’s Church from the other side. In 2013 I published a post with pictures of the St. Mary’s Church as well. Some of you know that I am not really religious but I love architecture and our city has quite a lot of stunning churches in my opinion. Continue reading St. Mary’s Church In Lübeck

A Beautiful Street in Lübeck and a Church

I walked through the historic downtown of Lübeck, like I mentioned yesterday. As Lübeck is a town of the medieval time and as Lübeck was the Queen of the Hanseatic League, you can still see the charm of that time in the architecture today. That´s why we call the old part of the city “Historic Downtown” or in german “Altstadt” here. On the photo above you can see a street called “Weberstraße” and in the background you see the church called “St. Aegidien Kirche”. The inner city of Lübeck has a lot of big churches from old times. There are … Continue reading A Beautiful Street in Lübeck and a Church

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

The photo above is my contribution to the “Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern“. I took the photo in the St. Marien Church in Lübeck when my me and my mother walked through the Historic Downtown of Lübeck. The church is like most churches in Lübeck pretty huge. I am not so religious but anyway interested in culture and I count the churches of Lübeck to culture and that is why I still like to take photos of them. Because they show what kind of great brick gothic architecture, you can find in my city. Here are two more photos… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern