Fraps And DxTory Not Working With BF Hardline? Here Is The Fix!

If Fraps, DxTory or any other screen capture tool does not work correctly in Battlefield Hardline, you can fix it. First of all we need to learn how to create a custom config file for BF Hardline. This is basically a file where we can store console commands so that we don’t need to write them into the console again with each Battlefield Hardline start. It’s a file where we can store some custom commands and then they will be loaded with each BF Hardline start unless we delete the entries or the file.

If we really just want to fix the problem that our screen capture tool does not work together with Battlefield Hardline, there is one single command that we need to put into the config file that we will call user.cfg and that we will store in the Hardline folder as described in my other guide:

RenderDevice.PresentAsync 0

Above you can see the command we need to store in the custom config file you learned to create. With the mentioned command in the user.cfg file stored in the Battlefield Hardline folder you should have fixed the problem that Fraps, DxTory or any other screen capture tool does not work with BF Hardline. Hope this fix worked for you too.

BFH Fraps And DxTory Fix

6 thoughts on “Fraps And DxTory Not Working With BF Hardline? Here Is The Fix!

    1. Haha, yes, some do! But I am not the only one in the circle, there are some others guys in the circle highly interested in gaming and technology subjects. I always tried to push one of my friends in the direction to create a German technology blog with him. He is sadly not that good in English, and apart from that he dislikes all the webmaster stuff and does not want to write. It’s sad, because he knows things I don’t know, and I do know things he doesn’t know. I don’t want to create a Germam tech blog alone again (due to my recent blogs) but with some friends it would be less work if we all would write just round about 5 articles a week, with two guys there would be 10 articles a week. I hope I can inspire some friends with the idea at some point, but I guess it won’t happen 😀

  1. For some reason my dxtory is only recording audio not video for bfh. In other games its recording gameplay. I’ve ensured all my setting are identical on the BFH profile as any other game and also ensured I correctly copied the config but it continues to only record audio, any ideas?

    1. This sounds to me like a codec issue. I assume you use the Dxtory Video Codec? I had issues with that one as well. I think you recorded the video and sound but your media player doesn’t support to display Dxtory Codec videos and just plays the sound.

      I started to use the Lagarith Lossless Codec and fixed the problem. Try to enable this one in the dropdown menu and then click on the configuration bottom beside it and enable Multithreading and use the YV12 mode. Then click the advanced tab in Dxtory and set Processing Threads to the value “2”. Not only will this increase the video capturing performance, apart from that the Lagarith Codec is very good and you can play the video with most video player tools without problem.

      I use this codec and both the video and sound is playable with my tools. And as said, apart from that you get much better performance while recording in my opinion.

      Please let me know if this worked for you too. 🙂 Hope this will help you.

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