How To Create A Battlefield Hardline Config File To Use Console Commands Permanently

In this guide you will learn how to create a custom config file for Battlefield Hardline to enable certain console commands permanently.

There are two ways to use console commands in Battlefield Hardline. The first way is to open the console in the game to type in the commands, but the problem is that the commands will only be enabled once and for the time your game session is active but the commands won´t be active anymore in your next game session after you restarted Battlefield Hardline.

So, what is if you want to have certain commands active permanently? It´s possible too and what we need to do is creating a config file and that would be the second way!

How do we create this config file? It´s easy and if you know how to create a config file in Battlefield 4, it won´t be much different for Battlefield Hardline. But if you are not sure how it was done in Battlefield 4, I will explain it now and the steps are very easy…

How To Create A Custom Config File For BF Hardline

1. First of all we need to open the Windows text editor called Notepad. Just click on the start button in your taskbar in Windows and type “notepad” into the search or command field. Your text editor should now appear on the screen.

2. Write your commands into the text file. I for example usually use the FPS command and some other things like the FPS limitation command. It doesn´t matter for you as you probably already know which commands you want to use. But anyway, here is how it usually looks in my example…


3. If you wrote all you needed commands into the text file, you need to save your file. My Notepad in the screenshot is in German but if your tool is in English, you just need to click on the file menu of Notepad and there you just choose “Save as”. You should save the file in the location where Battlefield Hardline is installed on your system. The standard folder would be “C:/Program Files(x86)/Origin Games/Battlefield Hardline” but as I do, you probably did install the Origin games anywhere else too. Just locate where Hardline is installed and when you found the folder, do save the text file as user.cfg and don´t forget to choose “All Files”. The job is done when you saved the file in the Hardline folder.

The commands and settings you put into this file are now permanently stored. Permanently as long as you don´t remove any of the config entries from the text file or as long as you don´t remove the whole file in the Hardline folder. In other words, the commands and settings will load with each startup of the game in the future until you decide to remove the entries or the whole file. This is everything you need to know about the Battlefield Hardline config file.


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  1. thank you…it’s all that i need for more imersive game…excuse for my english…i’m brazilian

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