How to limit the FPS in Battlefield Hardline

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Beforehand, the FPS limitation in 3D games is one of the most controversial topics as there are basically three different kind of people. The ones who say FPS limitation is bad, the ones who love FPS limitations and the ones who discuss the proper values for the FPS limitation.

To make it clear, I am one of those who often used the FPS limitation in certain games and I also did wrote an article on my blog about Battlefield 4 FPS limitation and explained a few reasons why some people like me do this. I won´t dig into this subject again because you can find the reasons in the article of my other blog.

I just will explain how to limit the FPS in Battlefield Hardline, for the people who see a reason in it and who want to do it as well. I assume you came here to find out how FPS limitation can be activated in Hardline. Read my other article inclusive the comments there, if you are unsure about the sense of the limitation. Otherwise, let´s get started…

FPS limitation in Battlefield Hardline works the same as in the mentioned article I wrote about Battlefield 4. But let me write it down here for Battlefield Hardline as well…

How you can limit the FPS in BF Hardline

There are two ways to activate the FPS limitation. The first one would be that we can type a command into the game console. You can open the console in Battlefield Hardline with the tilde key (~). When you opened the console, you just need to type in:

gametime.maxvariablefps 61

Note: The value 61 is just the value that I usually used with my 60Hz screen and I mentioned in my older Battlefield 4 article why I use this value. With my 60Hz screen, this value worked very well in Battlefield Hardline too. You might already know your own favorite value that worked well for you. In this case, just replace the number 61 with your value. Additionally it´s also worth to mention that float values work too, which means you could also use a number like “59.94” for example.

So much about the in-game console method. If you type the command in there, the function will only be active for the time your game is running. If you end or restart the game, the limitation of the FPS won´t be active anymore. For test reasons, to check out different values or if you are still unsure, this might be ok but if we know already which value we want to use to limit the FPS, we´ll need it permanently saved.

How to we store our FPS limit settings permanently? It´s easy too, we need to create a config file for Battlefield Hardline. I explained in another article how you can create a config file for Battlefield Hardline to save settings permanently.

I hope this article here helped you to understand the procedure to activate the FPS limit in Battlefield Hardline. For test and benchmark reasons you might also want to know how to display the FPS on the screen in Hardline. So far, happy gaming!

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