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How to show the FPS in Battlefield Hardline

BF Hardline Screenshot

It´s some time ago when I wrote on my blog in another article how you can enable the FPS display in Battlefield 4 and I noticed that the same commands work in Battlefield Hardline too, so that I want to write a tutorial about the Battlefield Hardline FPS display as well, but this time on my new technology and game related blog. So, lets talk about how you can display the FPS in Battlefield Hardline…

 How to enable the FPS overlay in BF Hardline

There are two ways how you can do this. The first method will activate the FPS display only in your active game session but the FPS display will disappear in your next game session, I mean in case you restart the game for example. If you want to show the FPS only once until you end the game, you just have to use the tilde key (~) to open the game console and then you need to type in the following command…

perfoverlay.drawfps 1

If you want to disable the FPS display in your game session without restarting the game, just type in…

perfoverlay.drawfps 0

But what if you want to show the FPS permanently even after restarting the game? Well, this would be the second variant and what we need is a config file where we can store our commands and settings, so that they load with each start of the game. So, all you need to know is how to create a config file for Battlefield Hardline.

This is all you need to know about the FPS display in Battlefield Hardline. I wish you happy FPS benchmarking.


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