How To Permanently Activate Console Commands In Star Wars Battlefront With A Config File

In this tutorial you will learn how to permanently activate console commands in Star Wars Battlefront. If you want to use different configuration commands, you can of course just open the console of Star Wars Battlefront, but when you restart the game, you have to type the commands in again. In some cases you might want to activate certain commands permanently, that was possible in games like Battlefield 4 or Battlefield Hardline, but also in other previous Electronic Arts games, and it’s also possible in Star Wars Battlefront.

How To Create A Custom Configuration File For Star Wars Battlefront

  1. Open a text editor like Notepad, in Windows click on the start button and type notepad into the search field and hit enter.
  2. In Notepad write all the commands you want to use in Battlefront. You most likely have already your preferred commands, anyway, here is how my file looks like: Star Wars Battlefront Config File
  3. We need to save the file now, but we need to save the file with a special file name extension. As you can see, my text editor is in German, but in the English version you need to click on “File” and then choose “Save as” and give it the name “user.cfg”, and you also have to choose “All Files”, otherwise we might get the wrong file extension. Then just save the file in “C:/Program Files(x86)/Origin Games/Star Wars Battlefron” if you installed the game in the default Origin location, if not, choose the right path.

If you did all that, you successfully dropped your own “user.cfg” config file in the game folder, and all commands you have in the file will be loaded and that permanently with each start of the game. Of course, if you want to disable commands, you just have to delete the command lines from the file, if you want to deactivate all commands, you can also delete the file. I wrote about a few Battlefront console commands, check the list out to find some of the commands I wrote about.

This is how you create a config file for Star Wars Battlefront. I hope my tutorial about the “user.cfg” file helped you. Feel free to drop a comment, or if you have some spare time, it would help if you share the article.


16 thoughts on “How To Permanently Activate Console Commands In Star Wars Battlefront With A Config File

    1. Ok I featured out you can enable “PerfOverlay.DrawGraph 1” to show the GPU and CPU graph. Then you can disable “PerfOverlay.DrawGpuGraph 0” and it will only show the CPU graph. If you write “PerfOverlay.DrawCpuGraph 0”, the graph will be empty. Which means you can disable both CPU or GPU graph, and you can enable one of the individually if you use the value “1” behind the command. I tested this in the console, didn’t test this with the config file, but I assume it could work to show only the CPU graph if you add the following to your config:

      PerfOverlay.DrawGraph 1
      PerfOverlay.DrawGpuGraph 0

      Let me know if this works.

  1. Thanks for the articles, very helpful. 🙂

    I was wondering screenshots tho and perhaps you have some tips? I want to assign the Screenshot.Render command to a button (like F12) so I can take screenshots fast and easy. Is there a way to do this?


    1. Hi Shaun and thanks… no, you sadly can not bind keys to commands, that is something that is really missing. But I usually use a screenshot and video capturing tool like Fraps. There are other tools for this, you might want to try some out, but I do really like Fraps for this. Since I played the beta, I don’t know if they included a screenshot key binding in Battlefront now, did you check the options?

      1. Hey Dennis. Thanks for the reply. No, no standard key for scrnshots -_- I tried the basic ‘bind p “Screenshot.Render” ‘ but it didn’t work.

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