How To Enable The Network Performance Monitor In Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront Network Performance Screenshot

In this tutorial you will learn how to enable a network performance monitor in Star Wars Battlefront. When the overlay is enabled, you will see all kind of data that will help you to benchmark your network performance and the performance of the server and netcode.

How To Enable The Network Performance Overlay

  1. First you have to open the Battlefront console with the tilde key (~).
  2. Now you type in the command “NetworkPerfOverlay.Enable 1” without the quotation marks, and then you just need to confirm your input with the return key.
  3. The network performance graph should now be visible on the screen. To disable the graph again, you just need to type “NetworkPerfOverlay.Enable 0” into the console.

Note: The network performance graph will be visible for the time you have the command enabled, and you have to type the command into the console again if you restart the game. However, there is a solution to enable the graph for a longer time…

If you want to monitor the network performance for a longer period of time, you can create a user.cfg file and add the command there, this will activate the network graph permanently until you delete the line from the file.

You Can Customize The Network Graph

There are several other commands that do start with “NetworkPerfOverlay”, you can find them in the list of console commands. You can for example disable and enable different network graphs or change the graph position, you might want to try some commands out.

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