Healthier Habits

I like spreadsheets and graphs, because they’re useful to interpret data and because it’s generally fun to create them. I worked a lot with spreadsheets and graphs in my life, but also privately it makes sense in some cases, for example if you want to document what type of effect regular running has on your weight, or if you want to document what goes in and out of your piggy bank. I like the fact that spreadsheets and graphs can help me to achieve long-term goals. There is something about looking at graphs, because they make you realize your actions … Continue reading Healthier Habits

Below Eighty

I am still running regularly and I am surprised that I can keep my motivation, but now it feels like something is missing if I didn’t run one day. I definitely feel better if I did run because I feel more balanced, more relaxed and I can sleep through and that is a great improvement for someone who suffered from heavy sleep problems. I lose weight too obviously and while burning belly fat was the goal and the reason I started, that thought now went to the background because the other benefits are cool too. Currently we have a lot … Continue reading Below Eighty

How To Enable The Network Performance Monitor In Star Wars Battlefront

In this tutorial you will learn how to enable a network performance monitor in Star Wars Battlefront. When the overlay is enabled, you will see all kind of data that will help you to benchmark your network performance and the performance of the server and netcode. How To Enable The Network Performance Overlay First you have to open the Battlefront console with the tilde key (~). Now you type in the command “NetworkPerfOverlay.Enable 1” without the quotation marks, and then you just need to confirm your input with the return key. The network performance graph should now be visible on … Continue reading How To Enable The Network Performance Monitor In Star Wars Battlefront