Below Eighty

I am still running regularly and I am surprised that I can keep my motivation, but now it feels like something is missing if I didn’t run one day. I definitely feel better if I did run because I feel more balanced, more relaxed and I can sleep through and that is a great improvement for someone who suffered from heavy sleep problems. I lose weight too obviously and while burning belly fat was the goal and the reason I started, that thought now went to the background because the other benefits are cool too. Currently we have a lot of rain here where I live, and eventually I decided to go running during rainy days anyway because I don’t think that it will kill me, it will rather temper me I guess. Only muscle ache or things like that could stop me so far, you sometimes need a break, especially as someone who just starts out again.

I think I burned some of my belly fat already, but as mentioned in another post, it could be imagination. However, I definitely lost a bit of weight. Over the last 20 days I went down from 83.4 kilo to 79.5 kilo, that’s a difference of 3.9 kilo. That means I managed it to get below 80 kilo now. Not too bad I guess, especially as I still enjoy pizza, kebab and what not (laugh). I made some small changes to my nutrition like drinking much more water, but generally I don’t want to starve because if you ask me, enjoying a nice meal means living a life. As I am fascinated with charts, I do still track the weight changes but it will probably look more interesting after a longer period…

5 thoughts on “Below Eighty

    1. Not sure if that will be possible, my lungs would probably scream “help!” 😀 I still take one minute walking breaks after running about 1-2km…. I still need these small breaks inbetween but that makes me run 30-60 mins. Not sure if I ever will run 60 mins through without a single walking break…. but I’d say this improved already, previously I couldn’t even run 1km. With each run the distance definitely gets longer and I take less walking breaks.

      But I’d say you are right, it’s fascinating how fast stamina improves if you do it regularly, especially because I was a smoker. I stopped smoking in December, that’s not long ago, but it feels like running helps my lungs to clean further. Anyway, I could probably run much better if I never would have smoked 😦 However, it was still a good decision to stop this last December, and with the running I feel my health greatly improves 🙂

  1. Garry has been exercising every morning — running or other exercises — for his entire life. As a result, he is in shockingly good physical shape for his age. It really IS worth it.

    1. That’s really awesome. When I go running, I see people of all ages… I saw people that seemed to be a lot older than me, and they were not fighting and gasping like I do after a couple of kilometers 😀 I hope I get back to this form too, but imo it looks like I am on a good way to increase my stamina too 🙂 It’s worth it? I believe that 🙂

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