Tasty French Fries For The Almost Flat Belly

Tasty French Fries With mayonnaise

Today I went to a takeaway with my mother because we got the idea to eat french fries. My mother wanted them with ketchup and I got mine with mayonnaise because I love mayonnaise. It was very tasty, and I just allowed myself to eat it. As I previously mentioned, I had the plan to make more sports and to shrink my belly by doing so. I didn’t want to change my nutrition too much, but I definitely experimented with low-calorie food and I do now only drink water instead of ice tea. With that said, I did some things to get closer to a completely flat belly (I am slim, and only the belly was a problem zone), but drinking only water instead of sugar drinks made the biggest impact. I continued to go running, but not for the weight loss, rather because I noticed other positive effects. I just stuck with the plan, eat what you want to eat, but take a closer look if some things are wrong or too much.

I had a quite round belly, because drinking ice tea most of the time is just doing that, giving you a bigger belly, especially if your genes tend to make you gain weight at the belly first but nowhere else. So, as said, I changed a couple of things and it was not very difficult to do that, and on top of that I added regular sport to the “scheme”. A month later, I’d say I almost achieved my goal. I can still see a bit of the belly, but it’s like it lost 80% of the fat. Now I like how my belly looks like, it looks good and I guess it will be completely flat by the end of the next month. Today after I ate french fries with my mother, I met a friend on my way home and he said “What? Your belly looks more slender than usual?” and I liked the compliment. It was one of the moments where I remembered again that I can be a very determined person. I get an idea, I create a plan and I achieve what I want, and that usually on my own way.

I became unhappy with my belly when I did weight 83.4 kilo, the belly was the only real problem because when you are generally slim with a very round belly, something looks completely off. When I started out with my new plans, I was quite happy when I burned one and a half kilo in the first 10 days. But then I went below 80 kilo and this motivated me a lot. And now I am at 78.2 kilo, that means I lost 5.2 kilo in a month. This week I noticed that it’s a bit difficult to get below 78 kilo, but I guess I might not even have to. The goal was 77, but I started fitness exercises too, which means I might lose fat but I might gain muscle mass, which is why I might hold my weight since a week. I don’t even care, I just like it that my belly is on the way to be called flat, and I like it that I found a new activity that makes me feel good, the running. Anyway, since I like to play with charts, I still document my weight changes…

weight loss graph


3 thoughts on “Tasty French Fries For The Almost Flat Belly

    1. Hehe. I promised myself to give myself some rewards at times. Sometimes I just like fast food, and generally our German cuisine is often quite heavy too. I think the daily ice tea intake was the real issue here talking about my belly… I calculated that, 2 liters of ice tea per day are almost 1000 kilo calories per day. So, since I drink only water, I have much more room for some nutrition mistakes. However, I pay more attention to it now, not like in the past… but sometimes, once in a week or so, I just need a calorie bomb like a Pizza or French fries. 🙂 I am still running and drinking water, I won’t give that up because I am getting used to those routines and I guess I will lose more fat by keeping it going. So, I guess I am still on track and can do a few mistakes here and there 🙂

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