Tasty French Fries For The Almost Flat Belly

Today I went to a takeaway with my mother because we got the idea to eat french fries. My mother wanted them with ketchup and I got mine with mayonnaise because I love mayonnaise. It was very tasty, and I just allowed myself to eat it. As I previously mentioned, I had the plan to make more sports and to shrink my belly by doing so. I didn’t want to change my nutrition too much, but I definitely experimented with low-calorie food and I do now only drink water instead of ice tea. With that said, I did some things … Continue reading Tasty French Fries For The Almost Flat Belly

Getting Back To Running

Here is the problem, apart from hiking and doing push-ups every two days at home, I am not doing enough sport. I think it could be worse, because apart from myself and other nature interested people, who does go on 14 miles hike regularly? My point is however that I still think that there is a bit more room for sports. I have a normal figure, I would say I am slim, if there wouldn’t be this hill in the middle of my body that is called big belly. I think that’s how it goes for mens, careless eating is … Continue reading Getting Back To Running