One And A Half Kilo Burned

one and a half kilo burned

That’s funny, I did burn exactly one and a half kilo since I started to run and drink more water 10 days ago. To be honest, I am not really sure if this is a good amount, but my belly does already look a little bit more flat or this is just pure imagination. Ten days ago I did weight 83.4 kilo and today I checked it again and now I weight 81.9 kilo. Also I did go running again today but it was very hot and humid and I was sweating heavily and I thought it was much more difficult under these conditions. Apart from drinking more water than ice tea, I did not change my nutrition, because I like to eat our solid German meals. But I lost one and a half kilo anyway, that’s cool. It’s maybe not just the running, I also do sit-ups and push-ups every two days but the running probably takes more effect.

Today after the running I felt great again, but now I start to notice that I generally start to feel more balanced during the days. Not only this, I do also feel more active and maybe it’s just imagination but I can breeze better or my lungs feel stronger, I can’t explain what I mean. When I go run, I still don’t do this continuously, it’s more like running 5-10 minutes, going 1 minute and then running 5-10 minutes again. But I noticed that I am usually for an hour under way before I run home, and I think that’s a decent amount of sport for the start. Also I start to do this regularly and that is cool too. I think the main goal was to lose some kilos, but my opinion did shift a little bit because I think the fact that I start to feel better is worth it too. I am still motivated, I hope I stay.

4 thoughts on “One And A Half Kilo Burned

    1. I still had a bit of sweet ice tea in the evening sometimes but today I did only drink water. I am getting used to just water but maybe I enjoy an ice tea glass at times…. But I don’t want to consume liters of it during the day anymore. Today I was hiking instead of running, but that’s some kind of sport too… so, I guess this was a very sporty and healthy week 🙂 To top all this, I started to consume more fruits this week… I’ve always loved vegetables and ate salads quite often, but not so much fruits. I found out that I can use the fruits in case I am getting a bit hungry between the main meals… cutting an apple in pieces and snack it, is better than eating potato chips 😀

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