My Body Is Funny

When I started to change my nutrition a bit (drinking only water) and doing more sports again, I started to record my weight as well to put the data in a table. I wanted to create graphs, because visualizing the changes would help me to understand at what times I do lose more or less weight. The changes looked like a roller coaster rail, but I didn’t care about some up moves because then it continued to go down. But sometimes I spot some funny things. Today I did put an entry into the table again and then I noticed the last three entries…

23.07.2017 78.1 kg
26.07.2017 77.1 kg
28.07.2017 76.1 kg

I lost a kilo every two or three days, that’s fine, but I found it funny that all three entries ended with 100 grams behind the decimal point. Putting this in the charts resulted in a straight or continuous down-trend since July 23. Might be coincidence but it’s still funny. What is more funny, it was the week I couldn’t run due to a calf cramp or muscle strain. So, this is funny, I did not run for a whole week, but yet I lost the most weight in a short period of time since I track it. How is that even possible?

Ok, I knew that drinking water instead of ice tea had much greater effect than doing sports when we talk about weight loss, but considering that I did lose more weight without a whole week of running, that seems ridiculous. I did go running anyway today because it was the first day without pain and I like running now. Talking about the graph again, I think I might have some theories…

  • I am much more hungry hours after I was running, and I guess I eat more if I do run than if I don’t.
  • I do drink more when I make sport (well, liters are kilos).
  • When I do sports, it’s not just running but also fitness and I might gain muscle mass and thus weight, while I burn fat which might not weight as much.

Anyway, while I find it interesting to think about it, it’s not of real importance to me. It’s fun to take a look at the graph, but overall I just had one goal, burning my belly fat. As mentioned in another post, I am close to achieve my goal and my belly looks good again. I also had a weight of 77 kilo in my mind, but now I am down to 71.1 kilos already. I basically lost 7.3 kilos now and a bit of it was belly fat I think. Since I am now used to drinking water and doing more sports, I will probably burn the remaining fat or lose more weight, but I am already pretty happy.

Here is something else that is funny. Apart from drinking water instead of drinks with sugar, my nutrition is not very important. I will continue to eat more fruits because it’s healthy, but I don’t really have to give up on all the delicious things. Why? I lose weight and belly fat no matter what I eat. I can eat pizza, kebab or all the heavy German dishes, but I still lose weight. I maybe don’t have to eat bags of potato chips regularly, but all the other fat stuff is really fine.

I remember I always had a great metabolism and could eat whatever I wanted, it’s just that I stopped doing sports at some point and I decided to drink only the ice tea sugar bombs. So, a lifestyle change was very important. It was fun to research how my own body works. My research (laugh) comes to the result, that doing a bit more sports regularly again and drinking only water brings me back to the old shape without saying “no!” to the most delicious meals. That’s at least how it looks like…

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