Hats for Cats

I kid you not, the following was not staged. While I am very accurate with some things in my life, I am sometimes a chaos person too. Currently I don’t have a laundry bin, but even if I would have one, it would just animate me to collect dirty laundry. That’s at least what I experienced when I owned one of those larger laundry baskets that you can close with a basket cap. Yes, maybe a small one would be better but currently I prefer the chaos variant and collect a bit of laundry at the corner on my bed until I wash it.

I am alone and since I do laundry regularly, I don’t collect much there. But anyway, as a cat person I should know better, and yes I found cat hairs, especially on my dark shirts so that I started to put them into a bag in the cabinet before laundry. What I however didn’t expect was that my cat would think that my small laundry mountain on the bed is something like a fashion wardrobe. And really, it’s not staged. Some days ago when I entered my bedroom, I saw Shyna on the bed next to the dirty laundry and she was wearing one of my boxer shorts as a hat. I wanted to laugh hard, but then I thought it would be better to get my camera and take a snapshot…

6 thoughts on “Hats for Cats

    1. Yes she is 🙂 I think the majority of cats love things like laundry or cartons…. Shyna does either hide in the laundry or in cartons 🙂

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