Here is a photo of my cat Shyna. She looks a bit cheeky on the photo, but in reality my camera was just set to faster shutter speed. She was drinking water, and with the fast shutter speed I could freeze the moment where she showed the tongue. However, I didn’t like the photo in colour since it somehow had a bit too much orange in it, which means I didn’t like the illumination in my room. That’s why I converted the image to black and white. Continue reading Cheeky

Hats for Cats

I kid you not, the following was not staged. While I am very accurate with some things in my life, I am sometimes a chaos person too. Currently I don’t have a laundry bin, but even if I would have one, it would just animate me to collect dirty laundry. That’s at least what I experienced when I owned one of those larger laundry baskets that you can close with a basket cap. Yes, maybe a small one would be better but currently I prefer the chaos variant and collect a bit of laundry at the corner on my bed … Continue reading Hats for Cats


Grooming! It’s so funny when cats do it. They are basically acrobats and can reach every body region except behind the head, but that’s where the human hand is, well, handy. My little cousins grew up with dogs but when they saw my cat the first time, grooming herself, they really laughed and I said “This is funny and cute right?” and they smiled and nodded. They were surprised and said things like “How’s she doing it???” and “How’s this even possible???”. If you like, you can find more photos of my cat Shyna on my blog. Continue reading Grooming

Scratch The Ears

Here is a funny photo that I shot some time ago when I noticed that my cat Shyna did scratch her ears. Cats always look funny when they groom themselves. I ruffle the fur on her ears sometimes too, and since I started this, she does at times come to me and demands it. I know that because she is basically showing her ears like “Hey there, can you please scratch a bit on my ears like you did yesterday?”. Cats will notice it if you have more skills other than opening cat food cans (laugh). I hope you laughed … Continue reading Scratch The Ears

Hidden Fur Monster

If looks could kill, maybe I would sell my cat, but I am glad that I don’t have to. My fur monster Shyna looks pretty funny in the photo of this post, I really had to laugh about the photo. When I shot the photo, she was pretty attentive with her wide opened eyes, and I believe it was because the terrace door was used several times by family members. I think this is one of the photos that screams for a caption, it would maybe make a great meme with the right caption. I hope you like the photo. Continue reading Hidden Fur Monster