French Bulldog Snapshot And A Short Story

Today I noticed a friend’s name and the German word “Waschmaschine” (washing machine) when I pulled down the notification screen on my phone. It was a WhatsApp notification and without opening it, I knew what it might be about. I thought “No, please, let me be wrong” when I opened WhatsApp but yes, it was exactly that, a friend asking me if I can help him to get a washing machine from the store and carry it up to his new apartment. We helped him last week to move. I don’t have issues to help friends carrying things but honestly, … Continue reading French Bulldog Snapshot And A Short Story

Don’t Catch Me Human

In the photo above you see Charlie running around with a ball in the mouth and my mother tries to catch him. I think this photo is pretty funny. It’s a bit unsharp but I still like the whole action scene. He’s really a dog where you can practice these kind of action shots because he’s always full of energy. But right, so many dogs are. Do you think the photo is funny? Continue reading Don’t Catch Me Human

Shenanigans With The Cat

As I said often, from time to time I also want to upload some older snapshots that I shot with a smartphone. Especially if they are funny or interesting. Above is a photo that I shot around 2010. I sometimes do funny things with my cat, just shenanigans, like putting something on her head and waiting for her reaction. Sometimes she is confused like in the image above, other times she starts playing with me. And that’s pretty much what it is about, spending time with my cat, having a bit of fun. Cats just love changes, like new situations, … Continue reading Shenanigans With The Cat

This Photo Is $117 Worth And Here Is Why…

The photo above is not that great, because obviously I missed the dog. But the photo reminds me of a funny moment. When I hiked, there was this guy with a brown dog and he threw a stick into the water and his dog jumped into the water to bring it back. Meanwhile, I was standing on a footbridge and thought I could take a photo of the action. But before I took the shot, the owner of the dog yelled “You know that you owe me 100 Euro if you take the photo?”. While this guy seemed to make … Continue reading This Photo Is $117 Worth And Here Is Why…