Great View

I taught my cat that it’s ok to sit on my shoulder. She is allowed to do it if I wear a pullover but she’s not allowed to do it if I wear a polo shirt or any thin materials. She learned when it’s ok and when not because she only jumps on my shoulder if I crouch and lean forward. I taught her, that’s when it’s ok. It basically means “Hey, have a free ride on my shoulder.” She basically climbs from my back to my shoulder when I go from crouching to standing. I can also move around with her in my apartment. She likes it the most if I stand near the large windows in my living room because that’s a great view.

7 thoughts on “Great View

  1. That is very cute. I never had a cat that got on my shoulders until we adopted Chris. The three cats we adopted after Chris all got on my Shoulders. I wonder if they learned it by watching Chris?

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