Far Away Cats

Today I walked through the garden area to check if I can find some cats. It rained before I went outside and today it was also a bit cold. So, probably not the best day to look for cats. But as I see it, it’s not just about taking photos but also about taking a walk and do a healthy activity. I had to put the camera into the bag several times because it drizzled again and I had no trash bag with me to protect my lens and camera. I couldn’t get many close-up photos today. I took photos of the far away cats you see at the top. I got one close-up photo of a black cat that I might upload later or another day. So, you can’t always get perfect photos but that’s ok, it’s still good if you’ve been outside, that’s what I tell myself. By the way, obviously, I took a photo of a black and white cat. But I wondered how you would describe the grey cat? Would you say it’s a tabby cat with a white chest? How would you call that cat in English?

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