District Cat

I found this tabby cat in my district today. This cat didn’t really want to be photographed and ran into a hedge before I even could take a photo. But I didn’t give up. I know-how shy or cautious cats try to avoid humans. They usually disappear in a hedge and use it to circumvent you. They either leave the hedge on a different side or if not possible due to a wall, they use the full length of the hedge as coverage to gain a distance to you. What that means for the cat photographer is that you need … Continue reading District Cat

Grey Outdoor Cat

Today I went outside with my camera to look for cats. But this time I wasn’t looking for stray cats in the garden areas but for outdoor cats somewhere in different districts. I didn’t find a lot of cats today but at least a few. The first cat I saw was the grey cat you will see in the photo below. You can probably still say that it is a tabby cat, but if you ask me, it has a very different grey tone than all the other tabby cats I photographed. But it’s a beautiful cat too. I like … Continue reading Grey Outdoor Cat

Outdoor Tabby Cat

I found the beautiful tabby cat that you see in the photo at the top roaming around near some railway tracks. The cat wasn’t too shy and I shot another photo that I will upload in the future too. But the photo at the top is my favorite because it really was shot as soon as I saw the cat or the cat saw me. I think the posture and the facial expression shows that the cat was not shy but wary. The cat slowly moved back down to the railway tracks before I passed by at the sandy path. … Continue reading Outdoor Tabby Cat