Outdoor Tabby Cat

outdoor tabby cat

I found the beautiful tabby cat that you see in the photo at the top roaming around near some railway tracks. The cat wasn’t too shy and I shot another photo that I will upload in the future too. But the photo at the top is my favorite because it really was shot as soon as I saw the cat or the cat saw me. I think the posture and the facial expression shows that the cat was not shy but wary. The cat slowly moved back down to the railway tracks before I passed by at the sandy path. There are more tabby cat photos on my blog and different cat photos in general.


7 thoughts on “Outdoor Tabby Cat

        1. Yep. I feel naked when I don’t…. because more often than not, you will find something interesting when you left your camera at home 😀 An argument would be that we still have our phone camera in the pocket… and it works most of the time too but not when you need to get close to something, like with a tele lens.

        2. iPhones and other phone cams have come a long way, but they have a long way to go to catch up with Nikon or Canons!

        3. Yeah. And even if smartphone camera tech will catch up or will improve in magnitudes, enthusiast/pro cameras will do too. And a huge difference that will remain is about lenses and physical limits. But for some casual snapshots, I always like to use my phone camera.

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