District Cat

tabby cat in my district

I found this tabby cat in my district today. This cat didn’t really want to be photographed and ran into a hedge before I even could take a photo. But I didn’t give up. I know-how shy or cautious cats try to avoid humans. They usually disappear in a hedge and use it to circumvent you. They either leave the hedge on a different side or if not possible due to a wall, they use the full length of the hedge as coverage to gain a distance to you. What that means for the cat photographer is that you need to sneak off to the point where that cat will most likely leave the hedge.

That’s where I shot the photo at the top, near an exterior wall of a house, near the end of the hedge. As you can see in the picture, the cat was a bit surprised. But when I shot the photo and didn’t to anything else, it didn’t mistrust me anymore. It walked with me along the footpath then, which means I shot a couple of other photos that I will upload in the future too. But they were shot near parking cars and I like the picture you see in this post more as the background is better. Anyway, I upload the other photos too in the future, as said.

Often, tabby cats have a silver fur with black stripes, but some of them, like the cat in the picture at the top, do have a fur that appears a little bit brownish. You can see in my tabby cat photo gallery how different their fur can be. And if you still like to watch other cat photos, there are tons of cat photos on my blog.


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