Lübeck Market

Today was pretty good weather, actually so good that I’d call it a summer day. I say that because so far we mostly had it cloudy or rainy. So, in the afternoon, I had the idea to go running or to take a long walk. I was a bit too lazy to go running and decided to grab the camera and walk somewhere. I walked 17 kilometers and I probably burned quite a few calories with it as well. But that’s not what it is about, it’s that I wanted to enjoy the weather and I wanted to use my camera again. I decided to attach my Nikon 18-105 mm kit lens because I didn’t do so for a long time and I wanted to take wide-angle shots. At the end of my tour, I went straight through the historic district and I also shot a photo of the city market…

lübeck market

I’ve taken such a photo already in the past but that is five years ago and I think compared to back then I take much better photos, especially when it’s about framing. Who knows, maybe I will say the same thing in the future again when I further improved my shooting. Not sure if there is much more to say, I just wanted to show you the new photo. Well, maybe one thing, I absolutely dislike the white front of the city hall. But I think I said that in the old post too. Because it doesn’t look consistent, it absolutely doesn’t fit in there and in no way does the color have anything in common with our historic architecture. Below is a postcard of 1905 that I embedded in the old post too, that’s how it should look like…

old market in lübeck (1905)
The market of Lübeck in 1905

But as you can see, urban planners had a much nicer taste in general back then. Just look at the beautiful trees, the beautiful waterspout fountain. It’s like “What the heck did they do to our market place in modern times?”. I get that our city was bombed to shit during World War II, but nobody can tell me that it’s difficult to restore how it looked like in old times. That should happen instead of hiring idiots to try new things. As I am born in this city, I am glad that I have seen the town hall front before it was painted white. While the front was old, it looked a lot more consistent with the surrounding architecture as you can see here on Wikipedia.

There are some more interesting pictures on the German Wikipedia entry about the market. There is even one historic photo from 1871 where the victorious battalions of the North German Confederation were celebrated after the Franco-Prussian war.


9 thoughts on “Lübeck Market

  1. So cool to read your post Dennis 🙂 I went to Lubeck by luck, to get a flight at the local airport, but I stayed one night in Lubeck and I discovered how this city influenced one of my favorite writers, Thomas Mann 🙂 stay safe and greetings from Portugal, PedroL

    1. That’s fantastic that you landed here for a day. Even if it was not for much time, I hope you have seen a few things. 🙂 And I hope you enjoyed the day here! Stay safe too! Greetings from Germany!

    1. Yes, I really wonder what went through the head of the guys who planned that… like “Umm, contrast anyone? Why don’t we make it completely white?” 😀 Yeah, I don’t like it if things are modernized.

  2. I totally agree with you. The white is not in keeping with the rest of the buildings. It is a shame that they didn’t plant more shady trees too. I am often annoyed when modern designers think they can take something classic and “improve” it as if it wasn’t good enough before.

    1. Yes, it’s almost as if they wanted to excel in the job… like “We make it look different, so that people see we’ve done something cool”. Umm, no, everyone I know asked back then “Have you seen that the city hall is now completely white? What the heck?”. 😀 The majority of medieval buildings in our city are all red brick stones. The town hall front was not, but it had a dark tone that worked together with the surrounding red brick stones. A restoration is fine, but they should keep it historic. Time has passed since they made it look white, and we are somehow used to it now… but I still don’t like it.

    1. I really couldn’t understand back then how they came to the idea to make it white and I still can’t. When I walk through the historic district, I see a lot of reddish brick stone architecture when I look at the medieval buildings. Same at the market as you see… Like you, I don’t know what the white front is supposed to add to the scene. A contrast maybe? Well, success…. but I don’t like the contrast at all.

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