Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

Usually when I post photos of churches, it’s not because I am religious, I am actually not, it’s because I find churches interesting from an architectural standpoint. I saw the Look Up Photo Challenge on friday and thought it would be an interesting topic, but I couldn’t participate as a friend from Berlin did visit me over the weekend, and we took some drinks and had a lot of fun. Now it’s sunday and I am alone again, with headache of course, and I thought I do participate a bit delayed. My entry is a photo of the St. Mary’s … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

Beautiful Narrow Alley

Since everything is grey outside, and as I am not very inspired currently, I thought I take a look at my photo folders and upload a few older ones. Here is a photo I shot last summer or so, it is a beautiful narrow alley, we have many of them in the city centre of Lübeck, but to find them, you must know where they are. Some of them are very hidden, others not. Continue reading Beautiful Narrow Alley

Lübeck Inner-City Marketplace Past And Present Comparison

I shot the image some weeks ago when I walked through the inner-city of Lübeck. I wrote about the marketplace in Lübeck a couple of times, for example about the christmas market last year or when I uploaded an image that shows a part of the architecture that surrounds the marketplace. In the last post where I showed a part of the architecture, I did also upload a public domain image from 1905, I will attach this to my new post here too because this time I show my new image from a very similar angle. As it is nearly … Continue reading Lübeck Inner-City Marketplace Past And Present Comparison