Beautiful Narrow Alley

Beautiful side street in LübeckSince everything is grey outside, and as I am not very inspired currently, I thought I take a look at my photo folders and upload a few older ones. Here is a photo I shot last summer or so, it is a beautiful narrow alley, we have many of them in the city centre of Lübeck, but to find them, you must know where they are. Some of them are very hidden, others not.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Narrow Alley

  1. I love narrow streets… I think, in the past they were very popular, in every town there was narrow street… But with modern city building these narrow streets stayed in the memories… Of course some of them are still alive… Really it is amazing for photography… Walking for explore the old streets in a city is one of exciting thing for me 🙂 I loved this photographs, I have just looked at Lübeck, one of beautiful cities in Germany, Should be cold too right now, you are at the North because… Thank you dear Dennis… have a nice afternoon and evening there, love, nia

    1. The city centre of Lübeck has some quite beautiful areas, but as every city, we also have some ugly places, hehe. Yep, it’s already a little bit cold, but not too cold… it seems autumns and winters get warmer and warmer, it’s strange, I remember colder autumns and winters. Have a nice day too Nia. 🙂

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