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Close-Up Plant Photo

close-up photo of a plant

Here is a plant photo that I shot by the end of summer in a local school garden. The original photo was really bad, with extreme highlights, but then I noticed that the plant was not too much overexposed, only the rest of the image.

I cropped the plant out, got closer on that way, and decreased the exposure a little bit for correction. Even that close, I was happy to see that the plant was just a little blurry, and that I could fix this with sharpening and a little amount of clarity.

I like the result, except that I would have preferred a little bit more space around the plant, but as said, I had to crop out so much to get rid of the overexposed areas in the image.


    • I wanted to delete the photo at first, but sometimes it is better to take a look if it can be fixed. I am glad I did that here. Also I am glad you like the result too 🙂

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