Gold Bars or Cobblestones?

I shot the two photos a week ago when I tried night photography in the city. At home I thought I had taken photos of a lot of gold bars, I like how it turned out, but it was just wet cobblestone. It was rainy at that night, and the photos of the cobblestone were rather experimental, but I really like the result. Some results are really funny, I like experiments.

8 thoughts on “Gold Bars or Cobblestones?

  1. I like these kind of night photographs… And I loved yours too. Night, rain/wet and light create something as a magic… Thank you dear Dennis, have a nice day, love, nia

    1. I should do this more often, but I just started to experiment with night photography, it’s more difficult than at daytime, but the results are cool.

  2. Yes, I know, night photography isn’t easy. Do you use tripod? Actually I have tripod but I don’t use… I try to put my camera in somewhere without moving… You should take more, You are doing great. Love, nia

    1. Yes, I have a tripod from Manfrotto: but I didn’t use it that often as I still don’t have a bag for it.
      I used the tripod a couple of times in the garden and I like it, but other than that it’s at the moment not fun without a bag. The bag shouldn’t be too expensive, but I had other priorities with money over the last months. I think in January or so I will get me a bag for it.

      The particular image you saw here is taken handheld with 1/5 seconds shutter speed when I remember right, and with ISO 1600 I think. I believe I tried several times until I got non-blurry photos. Handheld is so difficult if it’s dark, it’ll be easier with the tripod some day, except that I need to carry more stuff then. 🙂 You are right, when I try handheld, I also often seek something where I can get hold without moving, like walls or so 🙂

  3. To be honest I hate to carry things with me!!!! But if I am a photographer I should carry them with me 🙂 My love says like that! Otherwise I have too and also has its own bag too…But right now I use Canon powershot, it is amazing camera and I love it so much. Not heavy and not need to carry other lens (as my old camera Canon again EOS 500D) almost I forgot it… because powershot is so useful especially for me… 🙂

    1. I dislike the idea to carry stuff too, but yes, in some cases it might be very useful to carry stuff. Night photogrpahy is definitely one of the things, or long exposure photography in general. I tested my tripod on the beach last summer and could create some cool light-trail effects with long exposure… so, when I have the bag, I will carry more stuff at times, but it’s good that we don’t have to do that at day time 😀

      I saw reviews of Canon powershot cameras, I like them, but to be honest, I like all cameras and would like to own them all (laugh). Big ones do often come with complexity, smaller ones have advantages that they are easy to carry, and they become more complex too today. I wish I would be owner of a camera shop, I would enjoy it to test every single camera 😀

    1. No offense, but each main comment has a reply button, so, when you reply there, the next comment will be under our main discussion and it’s more sorted then. Also others will understand what we are talking about if everything is nested as sub comments and not individual new comments 🙂

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