The Bigger the Choice, the Harder to Choose

It was time to go shopping for shoes again. I am walking quite a lot and the sole of my sneakers are worn out. Apart from that, I didn’t like them much anyway. So, I had two reasons to look for new ones. While I generally like online shopping, I don’t like to shop online for shoes or clothes because the back and forth of return delivery, if something doesn’t fit quite right, is pretty annoying. There are pros and cons. Locally, one of the pros is that I can see right now if something fits and I can take it home today, the cons are that the choice is quite a bit smaller compared to what you can find online.

With that said, there have been years where the local stores absolutely met my taste with their inventory. But there have been years where I really had trouble finding shoes that I liked. That was the case for the last two years. I did, for example, get some blue sneakers last year and I purchased them because I preferred them over all the other shoes I found in the local stores, but that doesn’t mean that I liked them. It was probably more the fact that I needed shoes, so I just grabbed them. You need to lower your sights if they’re all ugly but if you want to walk through the city with shoes (lol). I talk about the shoes that broke this week. And honestly, it was basically the first time in my life that I was happy that my shoes were worn out.

So, today I went into the city to look for new shoes. I just wanted one new pair of sneakers. But damn, this time it was pretty difficult. This time they had so many shoes I liked, it was hard to believe because I am usually really picky. It’s not so much about brands or something but I prefer minimalism. What I usually look for is what I’d call “no-bullshit shoes”, which means I love unicolored stuff and if manufacturers try to reinvent the wheel, they can go to hell. I also don’t want moon boots with odds and ends. I want plain sneakers, minimalist in design. In many cases, but also in the case of shoes, I’m a purist.

And when I entered one of the local stores today, it appeared like a paradise full of shoes designed for me and my taste. I just wanted one pair and found some that I absolutely liked, and then the next ones, and another pair. Now it was clear I was in trouble. So many good shoes but I nailed it down to three pairs. All of them were white and I really thought I just need one white pair but I just couldn’t decide. Then this beautiful chick of a store clerk came over to me, asking me if I need help. I usually don’t need help when I go shopping and I never want to hear the opinion of a store clerk because obviously, they want to sell you something. But this time my brain was on auto-pilot and confused as I was, “I can’t decide?!?!” came out of my mouth. She smiled and replied that she knows the problem and then she manipulated me with a cheeky smile and continued that I might need to get them all. Usually, I am too stingy, but this time I replied: “Hell, yeah, I think you’re right, I need them all!”. I don’t regret it…


7 thoughts on “The Bigger the Choice, the Harder to Choose

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I much prefer to try on shoes instead of buy them online but I usually can’t do that because my feet are too big. I wear a US size 14. Most stores only carry shoes up to size 12 with a few size 13s. Occasionally I will find a size 14 but it is almost never in a style that I want.

    1. Yeah. My biggest problem is the sizes differ depending on the brand. With some shoes, I have EU 43 size, with other brands EU 42 size fits. I can never be quite sure. While some online stores offer free return delivery, I just don’t like the whole waiting game until I found my shoes. That’s much faster locally, as I can just take stuff home the same day.

        1. Zalando is not available in the US. Zappos was bought by Amazon. before Amazon bought them they were known for their great customer service. Fortunately, I don’t think that has changed.

  2. Actually, although she was trying to make a sale the girl’s suggestion of getting all three was a good idea. Firstly, if you rotate wearing them they will last longer. Or alternatively, you can put two pairs aside so that the next time you need shoes and there are only ugly ones in the shops you will already have shoes you like. I don’t suppose you are that worried about the latest shoe fashions so if you bring out a pair of these to wear in a year or two it’s not going to worry you that they are not in fashion
    Clothing styles and colours tend to go in cycles so if you can afford it it is common sense to stock up in the years when the fashion suits your taste and avoid having to buy ugly things in the other years.

    1. Those are some good points. You’re right, when I had more than one pair of sneakers, they definitely lasted longer. I think I will rotate through them depending on my mood.

      No, I am not worried about the latest shoe fashion but definitely always worried when the style chances again and it becomes harder again to find shoes I like. I just like minimalist/purist things in uni colors.

      I had the same idea… I might purchase some more pairs this year before the style changes again. I still remember how it did hurt when I couldn’t find my favorite red/black sneakers anymore… there is even a story about this on my blog lol 😀

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