Beautiful Street

somewhere in luebeck

I shot the photo at the top two weeks ago when I walked around in our city. I like the buildings in this district. Some of our streets are very beautiful. In the background, there is the St. Petri Church visible too, although, it’s standing in a different district, in the old quarter.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Street

    1. There is another district with the same kind of old houses. My great aunt lived in one of those and behind the house was a small garden. I remember, when I visited them, I played with my cousin in the garden, or in the street and we went swimming in a nearby pond or watched neighbor cats. It looked similar like in the picture at the top but with fewer cars. Good childhood memories. Very peaceful and quiet.

        1. No, I can’t imagine. We have some smaller high rise apartments here with around 10-15 levels and they have a small lawn around the building, that’s it. Not sure how kids are supposed to have leisure activities there. Back then I had friends living in those “big cubes” and they always visited our streets because there was nothing they could do in theirs, except watching traffic jams. While our district had much more modern buildings than the beautiful old buildings in the district seen in the image, there were at least enough parks too, and remaining nature in general, thus also small animals or neighbor pets, but also thinks like basketball courts, several soccer fields. So, my childhood memories are about climbing trees, playing hide and seek (like hiding in bushes), or sports with friends.

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