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Charlie Likes To Watch Wildlife Documentaries

I saw this now a few times, Charlie the dog of my mother is always curious about the TV, especially when animals are moving across the screen. I am glad my mother shot some images of him while he is in front of the TV, because it’s so funny, it might make you smile as well. I definitely had to share the images with you, it’s as if he enjoys to watch TV.


  1. My dogs have never been especially interested in television although we did have one cat who was fascinated by the tray of the DVD player and also by the moving logos on the screen when we first turned it on and another who learned to change the channels. My sister though has had several pets, dogs and cats who liked to watch TV. One, a terrier type like Charlie, also watched animals intently and appeared to react more to animals shaped like dogs and cats. He would react to tigers for example. My sister bought a larger TV and she said the dog would follow the animal on screen from one side of it to the other and even look around the back to see where it had gone. He barked at dogs on animal shows. My dog, Cindy, doesn’t do that. She did as a puppy but now might look up but when she sees that it’s only a “TV dog” she ignores it.

    • My mother said a few days ago that Charlie does the same like your sisters dog, it happens mainly when there are animals on the screen, or animal sounds, he does also follow the animals, as same as your sisters dog he will also bark to the animals on TV. 😀 It’s hilarious that some pets do this 🙂

      My cat Shyna doesn’t do it either, but as Cindy she was interested in the TV when she was a 12 weeks young kitten, the time when I got her. Years later I got a fish tank, she found the fishes interesting, but after a while you could see her typical behaviour, she is bored of toys after a few weeks and then I have to purchase or DIY new ones, and the same happen with the fish tank, it was not interesting anymore for her. 😀

      I think you are right, Cindy and Shyna understood, there is a difference between animals and TV animals. I wonder if Shyna realized that the fish tank is some kind of a TV too, but at the end as boring as the other one. 😀

  2. How cute! Our dog likes to watch shows with other animals too, although he barks really loud and bites at the animals on TV. I’m always afraid he’s going to knock the TV over. It’s funny how only some animals notice the TV.

    • Haha, on the one side it sounds like fun, but yea, on the other side I would be concerned too that the TV could take damage when the dog goes crazy 😀

      Yes, to be honest, I’d be totally interested to read more if I would find a cognitive study about this subject and why some pets to notice or are interested in the TV, while others don’t get or don’t want to notice that there are animals on the screen.

      • We have a TV channel just for dogs. DogTV it’s called. They’ve done a lot of research on it, although I haven’t read any studies about it. They’ve figured out some things though because the second we turn that channel on, Smarty tunes in, even when there’s not another animal on the TV. And the afternoon relaxation show usually puts him to sleep. It works on me too!

        • That is quite cool Trisha, we don’t have such a channel here. With more time, I will ask Google about pet and tv research. Also, I do understand that it is relaxing for you too, I had a fish tank, you would just see fishes, the plants, and the lights that would make all this shine, but it would put me to sleep in no time, and I am someone with heavy sleep problems, but that worked for me well… I can imagine that calm TV channels have the same effect, I sometimes fall asleep when I see animal documentaries, not because they are bored, but you can relax when you see nature videos.

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