Shenanigans With The Cat

As I said often, from time to time I also want to upload some older snapshots that I shot with a smartphone. Especially if they are funny or interesting. Above is a photo that I shot around 2010. I sometimes do funny things with my cat, just shenanigans, like putting something on her head and waiting for her reaction. Sometimes she is confused like in the image above, other times she starts playing with me. And that’s pretty much what it is about, spending time with my cat, having a bit of fun. Cats just love changes, like new situations, … Continue reading Shenanigans With The Cat

Cat’s Tongue

I usually upload my most recent photos, but often I forget that I have an incredible huge amount of older photos that I didn’t upload yet. As I am only in the mood for short blog posts, I decided to upload one of my older pictures. I found this funny photo of my cat Shyna, where she shows her tongue, and I thought this would be something cool to share. I shot the photo right after I purchased my first DSLR, basically when I started to try out my new camera. The photo was taken when my cat enjoyed a … Continue reading Cat’s Tongue