Cat’s Tongue

cat's tongue

I usually upload my most recent photos, but often I forget that I have an incredible huge amount of older photos that I didn’t upload yet. As I am only in the mood for short blog posts, I decided to upload one of my older pictures. I found this funny photo of my cat Shyna, where she shows her tongue, and I thought this would be something cool to share. I shot the photo right after I purchased my first DSLR, basically when I started to try out my new camera. The photo was taken when my cat enjoyed a meal, that’s the chance where you might end up with some funny portraits of your cat.

2 thoughts on “Cat’s Tongue

  1. I try to download everything the same day I take them or they can be forgotten, sometimes for years. This way, I can forget them while they are ON my computer and I’ve forgotten what file they are in.

    1. I use Lightroom for that and sort by metadata or other information’s helps me to find older photos. I think I couldn’t upload or edit all at once. I take way more pictures than I ever could go through on one day… especially when I am hiking, it often happens that I end up with hundreds of photos ūüėÄ

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